Do This First

You should know by now that your testosterone level is inextricably linked to your overall health, longevity, and vitality.  And that your entire hormonal chain is only as strong as its weakest link. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to identify and strengthen your hormonal weak links.  Many of the simplest decisions you consciously and unconsciously make each day can have a powerful effect on either strengthening or weakening your male hormone system. 

While there are powerful tools that are available, achieving optimal hormonal health is a progressive process that will take some time.  Know that each and every step you take forward will be contributing to your cumulative, long-term health. You will begin to look, feel, and perform a little better each day as you begin to take charge of your hormonal health—once and for all.  

When you reach the finish line, here’s a partial list of the things you can look forward to:

• Improved athletic performance

• Decreased workout recovery time—less joint pain, stiffness and muscle soreness

• Increased lean muscle mass and decreased body fat

• Enhanced libido and sexual function

• Feeling calmer, more stress-proof, and more positive about your life

So what are your first steps?

1. Stop guessing at what’s right for your body. If you could use improvement in the bullet points listed above, then you want to assess your hormonal levels. You can't fix what you don't measure. 

Visit our assessment page here to get started right away. 

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3. Order "Be All the Man You Can Be" my Testosterone and Nitric Oxide restorative programs.

This program is the culmination of 15 years of research and practical applications with high level athletes, the information in these program will provide you with all the information you need to both understand and restore hormonal and cellular health. The information in these program is priceless and will save you hundreds of hours of web searching and fruitless visits to doctors with little knowledge of functional hormone restoration.

Also included in the program is $10 worth of nitric oxide at-home assessments and a $15 discount on salivary hormone assessments.